The causes of dark circles of under-eye can be symptoms of many systemic diseases, as well as structural or genetic reasons. Excessive fatigue, smoking, alcohol, drugs, insomnia and stressful life are one of the causes of dark circles. There are many treatment options available. Mesotherapy, PRP, derma roller treatment, laser treatments, custody aesthetic surgery, custody light filling are various treatment methods.

Reasons of dark circles under eyes?
1- Thin skin under eye
2- Visible vascular network under the eyelid skin
3- Darker color under eye

Under eye mesotherapy
It is a treatment to reduce dark circles under eye. It is an application consisting of 5-6 sessions on average. Applied once a week. It is a 15-minute process. It both reduces dark circles and reduces fine wrinkles.

Eyecell treatment
Eyecell kit, which is a progressive eye care procedure, is one of the most effective methods for wrinkles around the eyes. With growth factors and peptide, there is an improvement in the tissue around the eyes, while visible improvements in arbutin under bruises are observed. Effects of Eyecell application; provides regression of wrinkles and crowbar lines around the eyes, decrease in bruises of under eye, and increase of moisture around the eyes.

Undereye derma roller application
It allows the active ingredients to be sent to the right places with special roles developed for application to the eye area tissue. This treatment is carried out with products made from botanical stem cell extracts and bio-peptides. Thanks to the products applied with derma roller, it is a skin care product that provides the removal of dark circles around the eyes, reduction of under eye bags and mimic wrinkles.

Under eye filler
There is a special adipose tissue in our under-eye tissue. This adipose tissue is protected by a natural barrier called septum. The septum is pushed forward by the fat bag with an age-related increase for genetic reasons. Thus, gaps and pits under the eye are formed. These gaps and depressions are minimized by fillings. Eyelid surgery is the only method for problems that cannot be solved.

Rafaello – Renaissance method
Another alternative method for the treatment of cervical bruising. Contains hyaluronic acid. Adjusts the hue of the skin color. It has antioxidant effect. It also moisturizes the skin.

It is possible to treat dark circles at home?

This is not possible for the disorders requiring surgical operation. The main cause of the problem should be identified by consulting a physician in the field and the treatment should be decided and necessary steps should be taken.

Is it possible to eliminate all the dark circles?

The treatment of dark circles and the response of the body to treatment may vary from patient to patient. The success of the treatment depends on success of the diagnosis. With the right diagnosis and the right treatment, you can get rid of the dark circles.

Why do dark circles occur under the eye?

The causes of dark circles under eye can be symptoms of many systematic diseases, as well as structural or genetic reasons. For example; blood accumulated in the veins along with eye and nose flows can increase the clarity of the veins and cause a purple appearance in the under-eye area.