Looseness and sagging of the tissues especially in the inner thighs and hips due to the factors such as weight gain, sun and aging,. Thigh lifting and hip lifting surgery, these tissues are regained tension and aesthetically smoother contour is given. Lipomatic bring more successful results in relatively younger patients, where skin quality is good and there is no sagging, that is, only when fat accumulation is high. However, if there is skin sagging with more adipose tissue in the older age group, lipomatic alone will be insufficient. In such cases, thigh and hip lifting surgery can be combined with lipomatic to achieve better results. This surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and in hospital conditions. However, only thigh lifting can be performed under local anesthesia if it is to be performed. The operation takes 1-1.5 hours on average.

In this operation, sagging and loose skin and fat tissue in the thigh and hip sections are separated from the deep tissues below, similar to abdominal lifting, and the excess parts are elliptically removed and stretched.

Thigh and hip lifting operations can be done separately or together, lipomatic can also be combined. The scar is streak-shaped. In the thigh lifting, this scar is concealed in the groin area, while in the hip lifting, the scar is designed just above the hip bone, on the side of the body, under the bikini-underwear.

The patient may be hospitalized for one day after this operation. Drains can be placed in the operation areas. Drains are drained in 1-3 days according to the amount of incoming fluid. There will be a feeling of discomfort or pain at the beginning of the surgery and will be relieved by oral painkillers. At first it will be painful to walk, but in a few days the pain will be greatly reduced. The patient can take a shower 48 hours after surgery. Activities for the first two weeks will be limited. Daily activities can be returned slowly within the second week. It takes 4-6 weeks to participate in sports activities.