Liposuction and Liposculpture, unlike the classical liposuction (fat removal) method is performed with a vibrating device called Lipomatic. The process is the process of shaping the body by taking the fat stores with the tube and vacuum device. This method can be applied to the upper parts of our body, breast, abdomen, butt, hip, calf, kneecaps, inner leg, basins, ankle, chin, cheeks, neck area.

Lipomatic fat removal is pain-free FDA approved and reliable. It has proven to be one of the most reliable devices that allows precise and high volume fat removal in all body areas. Lipomatic with the removal of fat stores and shaping the body, cosmetic surgery has become the authority by the academicians are shown as the best method in the world. This process performs very good tightening by repairing the skin after ingestion. A few hours after the application with this method, one can easily go home and return to work on the same day. In applications to several parts of the body, the patient may need inpatient treatment for a short period of time. After 2 days, one can easily take a bath in the shower. Temporary bruising, bloating, pain, burning and numbness in the areas applied in this process may be the least fat removal method. It should be noted that the bruises disappear within a few days and the swelling disappears sooner.

It is possible to do with local anesthesia and also because it is very safe in combined surgeries, we use it frequently.

With this safer and more comfortable application, it is now easy to get rid of unwanted fats.

Is Lipomatic used for Males?

In fact, it is a safe technology that provides detailed liposuction for the appearance of abdominal muscles, six-packs and Adonis not only in male patients but also in female patients.

Recovery Process After Lipomatic and Liposculpture

As with many Liposculpture treatment methods, there are some points that the patient should pay attention to, after the surgery and the rules to be followed. Your doctor will give you detailed information about this.

Does lipomatic operation damage the tissue?

The lipomatic operation does not damage the tissue, because the device automatically stops when it comes to the muscle or bone, never fear.

What is Lipomatic?

It is a lipomatic device operation, not surgery. It is an fat removal process applied using the latest technology.

How is lipomatic applied?

Fat cannula is obtained from very thin cannulae. Since fat tissues are taken at a high rate, there is no fat intake in the treated area.

To Whom Lipomatic May Be Applied?

The operation carries no risk and can be applied to anyone older than 18 years.

What are Lipomatic Advantages?

No pain, aching or discomfort is felt during and after the procedure. * No mark occurs. * Provides comfort to return to social life on the same day. * Tension and tightening were observed in a short time.