Neck lift aesthetics is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to eliminate visible signs of aging in the jaw line and neck. Although many people care for the face, they neglect the appearance of the neck. However, neck is one of the most important places to show signs of aging.

    The neck area gives the first signals of aging, just like the face. We can also observe neck sagging due to genetic reasons or weight gain, even at a young age. The loosened, deflated balloon appearance in the neck, excess adipose tissue, muscle structure defeated by gravity, deformities called turkey neck and prominent jowl structure are among the main subjects of neck stretching operations.

    It will be wrong to consider Neck Aesthetics from the aesthetics of the face. The neck is a continuation of the face and rejuvenation work should be done as a whole. If any problem in the neck region is also present in the face region, the results of the joint operation are much more striking and effective.

    Causes of neck sagging

    The loss of young contours on the face and neck may be due to various factors such as inheritance, gravity, environmental conditions and stress. In some people, if the face is still young and aging in the neck is advanced, it may be a good solution to stretch the neck instead of a full-face lift.