How Does the Patient Reach Us?

It can be reached via the website, by phone or by e-mail.

Treatment Planning Process (How is Treatment Planned?)

By contacting our health tourism coordinator, the treatment plan and counseling process begins as soon as medical information and examination results are sent.
As a result of examining the information with relevant experts, our coordinator gives detailed information about the treatment plan and treatment process.
The medical evaluation results are provided to the patient as feedback within 24 hours.
The duration of stay is determined according to the characteristics of the person to be treated.
When there are different treatment methods for the treatment of our patients, alternative treatment options are offered by contacting the patient.

Transfer and Accommodation of the Patient

Turkey is currently based on the patient’s request is decided to be treated is organized plane tickets.
If patients need to stay in the hotel before or during the treatment period, hotel reservations are made at their discretion. There are hotel alternatives in line with the patients’ budgets.
The patients are transferred by the translators to the hotel or hospital where they will be met at the airport, and when the treatment of the patient is completed, the patient is accompanied by an interpreter from the hotel to the airport.
Depending on the vital risk of the patient, the transfer from the airport to the hospital is provided by a special ambulance.
Getting a phone line in order to communicate with his stay in Turkey as long as the patient is provided.

Treatment Process

Treatments are carried out by doctors who are experts in the field of medical technology.
Patients do not experience communication difficulties thanks to translators who can speak the same language with the patient working in our company.
Interpreters are with patients 24/7.

After treatment

All formal procedures of the patient, whose treatment has ended, are completed and transferred to the airport accompanied by an interpreter.
After patients return to their country, they can always contact the Health Tourism company for post-treatment checks.
All treatment processes of the patients are followed up by our team and doctors, and the patients and their relatives are informed.