Contrary to general belief, the first signs of facial aging are not usually the appearance and deepening of the wrinkles on the skin. More important than wrinkles, greasy and tired expression on the face, especially the middle part of the fat cushions that provide fullness begins to melt.

Wrinkles on the face usually begin to attract attention in the late 30s. However, 10 years before that, the face starts to lose its fillingness. In particular, the melting of the fat pads present under the eyelids leads to 3significant problems.

• The middle of the face turns to empty skeleton
• The lines on the face deepen
• Eyelids begin to sag.

In order to solve all of these problems, the emptied area in the middle of the face must be replenished with the tissue of the person again.
Nowadays, 2 methods are used for fat transfer.

1. Conventional fat injection
2. Micro fat transplantation

The difference between these two methods is the permanence of the injected amount. In the first method, while the fat taken is injected as it is and in mass, in the micro fat transfer, the fat is taken under low pressure without damaging the tissue, it is subjected to some special treatment and it is sown in very small amounts in layers. In this way, the melting rate of the put fat cells was reduced from 80% to 30-40%.

In the former fat injection applications, the application had to be carried out again in order to increase its permanence. Freezing of cells for this purpose resulted in the delivery of dead cells to the body in repeated injections, but unfortunately did not work.

Less administration of live tissue compared to fat injection prevents fluctuations and excessive swelling on the face. In addition, a single injection is usually sufficient to keep the cells alive in the body. In this technique, it is possible to fill the parts of the face (cheeks, upper part of the cheekbones and around the lips) with the fat taken from the abdomen or buttocks, which are sagging down or emptying.

In this technique, it is possible to fill the over-sagging or discharged facial parts (cheeks, upper cheekbones, and around the lips) with fat obtained from the abdomen or hip due to aging.

The advantage of this method over the fillers is that it can be taken from the body parts (abdomen or hip) where the excess fat as needed by the patient’s face (abdomen or hip) and the fat to be placed would be permanent on average 60%. There is also no risk of allergy since the cells used are the patient’s own tissue.

Performing this procedure under local anesthesia under operating room conditions prevents the patient from feeling pain and eliminates the risk of infection. After the application, the patient can return to normal life within 1-2 hours. Slight bruises may occur with an edema that lasts 4-7 days and depends on the amount of fat placed in the face.

Fat injection is one of the most successful non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques today when it is applied by an experienced and expert team.
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