In our clinic, according to the wishes and expectations of the person, the expected and desired shape is determined after measurement and drawing and selection is made by filling with eyebrow, bristle technique or tribal filling.

The applied pigments consist entirely of components that do not harm the person’s health. The application ranges from about 1 to 2 hours and individual disposable cartridge needles that comply with hygiene rules are used in sterile environment. The procedure is performed as a retouching session with one main session with one month intervals.

What is a contour? What is hair filling technique? What is Permanent Makeup?

In our clinic, contour applications are performed under the control of a doctor by applying local anesthesia. If necessary, Botulinum Toxin can be combined with a rope suspension method and different options are offered. In lip contour, we can combine with lip filling and lip aesthetic methods.

Permanent make-up or “micro-pigment application” is a procedure for placing natural and mineral dyes under the skin with a sterile and disposable needle. After the procedure is completed, the epidermis cells die and regenerate. The pigments used are vegetable origin and organic dyes; it has no side effects.

Areas for Permanent Makeup Applications?

Permanent Eyebrow application, also known as Eyebrow Contour, is used to re-create or fill the cosmetic area of the eyebrow. Sparse eyebrows are filled in between. With the application, problematic eyebrow shape can be corrected, low eyebrows can be removed, new eyebrows can be designed instead of spilled eyebrows for medical reasons or rare eyebrows can be filled in between. The sagging of the end-outer parts of the eyebrows makes the person look older and tired than he looks. Eyebrow contours can be combined with other aesthetic applications for this problem in our clinic.

Colorless and thin lips are colored with lip contour to provide a more vivid appearance. If there are color gaps and scars on the lips, it can be camouflaged and brought to the normal appearance of the lips. It can be combined with other lip aesthetic methods.


It is a hair-like pigmentation compatible with eyebrow structure. The main eyebrow color is copied by the hair method and the spaces and rare parts are densified by the hair method. Instead of the painted eyebrow image in the classical method, the natural eyebrow image drawn is provided. The tip of the lower eyebrows can be removed with the hair method and the sad expression on the face leaves a more vivid and aesthetic appearance. All the missing eyebrows can be structured in natural appearance by the hair method.