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Thigh – Hip Lift

Looseness and sagging of the tissues especially in the inner thighs and hips due to the factors such as weight gain, sun and aging,. Thigh lifting and hip lifting surgery, these tissues are regained tension and aesthetically smoother contour is given. Lipomatic bring more successful results in relatively younger patients, where skin quality is good and there is no ... ?>

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Lipomatic and Liposculpture

Liposuction and Liposculpture, unlike the classical liposuction (fat removal) method is performed with a vibrating device called Lipomatic. The process is the process of shaping the body by taking the fat stores with the tube and vacuum device. This method can be applied to the upper parts of our body, breast, abdomen, butt, hip, calf, kneecaps, inner leg, basins, ... ?>

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Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelids have aesthetic and functional importance. After the age of 35-40, Sagging of the upper eyelid, bagging under the eyes and wrinkles occur, giving the person a tired, sad and worried look. Sometimes excessive sagging of the upper eyelids may cause difficulty in opening the eyelids. Bagging occurred at the lower eyelids is often hereditary and becomes apparent... ?>

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Nowadays, vaginal or sexual aesthetic surgery is one of the most frequently performed aesthetic interventions. It is an issue that concerns women of all age groups, both young and old, but has always remained in the background for reasons such as embarrassment, lack of examination, inability to obtain information, and finding solutions to the issue.

The aim ... ?>

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Chin Aesthetics

Jaw is one of the important structures that determine the general structure of the face. It may have lost its aesthetic appearance due to genetic or subsequent reasons. Traffic accident, trauma and congenital causes can cause jaw deformity.

Chin aesthetics; it generally involves many processes such as lengthening, enlarging, reducing, and retracting the jaw.... ?>

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Face Lift Applications

Face lift (Botulinum toxin) is a toxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Face lift shows its effect by preventing the release of substances that provide conduction at the nerve endings and by stopping the transmission between the nerves and the organs that the nerves reach. If the nerve conduction stops, the function of the organ that reaches the ne... ?>

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation operations are usually performed to give women who have less developed breast tissue or whose breasts shrink as a result of weight loss, more fleshy, upright, alive and aesthetically beautiful. In addition, the small size of the breast tissue can cause great difficulties in the choice of clothing. The rate of enlargement is determined by conside... ?>

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Neck Aesthetics

Common problems observed in the neck area;
- Jowl area fattening
- Jowl region sagging
- Fine lines in the neck region
- Excessive manifestation of muscles in the neck region
- Streaks in décolleté
- Complete sagging of neck, jowl and chin region

Genetic elements and excess weight gain are among other factors that cause lo... ?>

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Breast Lift

I do breast examination, USG or mammography before surgery. And if there are risk factors, I send the resulting breast tissue to pathology. Ask your doctor. As with any surgery, do not drink aspirin 1 week ago.
If you smoke, stop or reduce it 2 weeks in advance.
Breast lift surgeries are two types;
1- Breast lifting with your own tissue
2- B... ?>

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Protruding Ear

The ear is an organ that has aesthetic and functional significance, affecting the external appearance of the human being. There are many different deformities in the ear, including no congenital development. However, the most common deformity is bucket ear deformity. The bucket ear is a deformity that results from the opening of the ears from the normal anatomical ... ?>

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Butt Lift

Especially in cases with sagging butt, butt lift and lifting operations are applied. While the butt volume is provided by oil injection or silicone prosthesis, the surplus skin is removed by “V” or gull wings over both butt curves. Thus, while removing excess skin and erecting the butt, at the same time the trace is stored in the laundry or bikini area. The tissue ... ?>

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Vagina Aesthetic

Genital Area Aesthetics are:
- Fattening of genital area and lipomatic mons pubic
- Aesthetics of sexual organs and inner lips with labiaplasty
- Vagina narrowing due to enlargement of the vagina
- Hymenoplasty; hymen
- Fat injection to the genital area

Vaginal reduction is usually applied to patients who have had one or more no... ?>

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Breast Aesthetics

A full, perkier and appropriately sized breast is one of the most important elements of female beauty. Whether the breasts are smaller or larger than desired or sagging, structurally or due to developmental factors it may cause psychological problems that decrease the quality of life of the person. Having beautiful and shaped breasts is undoubtedly something that m... ?>

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Abdomen is an area of aesthetic importance that occupies a prominent place in the external appearance of the human being. After birth or after excessive weight loss cracks, abdominal muscles as a result of anatomical loosening of the fullness and sagging of the abdominal region may occur. Abdominal lifting is an operation that involves removing the excess skin and ... ?>

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Male Breast Redution – Gynecomastia

There is no structural difference between the male breast and the female breast. The only and most significant difference between the two is the lack of female hormones after puberty and the small size of the male breast due to the pressure of male hormones. However, in some cases the male breast is enlarged, and this disease is called gynecomastia. In addition to ... ?>

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Jaw Expansion

Distraction Osteogenesis can be described roughly as bone expansion. This technique, which has been placed in the medical literature by the Orthopedics department, is known as the expansion method among the people. The technique used by the orthopedics department has been applied for facial bones since 1992. It is possible to extend the bones by 1 mm per day by pla... ?>

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The nose is an aesthetic and functional organ that determines the face shape significantly. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most commonly applied modern aesthetic surgery operations today. Aesthetic nose surgery can be described as nose shaping surgery in a broad sense. In terms of aesthetic surgeons, the nose should be compatible with the facial proportions and ... ?>

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