Jaw is one of the important structures that determine the general structure of the face. It may have lost its aesthetic appearance due to genetic or subsequent reasons. Traffic accident, trauma and congenital causes can cause jaw deformity.

Chin aesthetics; it generally involves many processes such as lengthening, enlarging, reducing, and retracting the jaw. These operations are performed to the upper jaw or lower jaw, depending on the situation.

The chin should also be angularly balanced in alignment with the forehead, nose and lips.
– Fat injection: The person’s abdomen, waist region of the fat taken from the chin region by centrifugation

-Fill Injection: Many substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, aqualine can be injected into the jaw and the jaw may become full.

– Cartilage, bone placement

-Jaw tip silicone-prosthesis: Local anesthesia or general anesthesia under the jaw to extend or enlarge the custom-made materials placed in the jaw

– Move and advance the jaw bones forward or backward