Generally, in woman faces, prominent cheekbone is considered as a benefit in the beauty criteria. The prominent cheekbone is prominent and provides younger, more tense skin expression. Depression in the cheekbone area makes the face look more sad and tired.

We usually treat cheekbones for two reasons. The first reason going down of the facial tissues with age, and occurrence of flattening. Or genetically, the cheekbone is not developed.

Methods we applied in making the cheekbone more prominent;

1- Temporary fillers; Highly preferred for clarifying cheekbone as it is the easiest and most practical method to be applied. Permanence varies between 6-18 months according to the filler used. Application time is 15 min. Return to work life on the same day.
2- Permanent fillers: We do not prefer permanent fillers because it is a risky process.
3- Fat injection: It is a procedure performed in hospital environment. Fat taken from any part of the body is centrifuged and injected into the cheek area.
4- Implant: It is preferred in people with flattening of cheekbones. Under general anesthesia, a specially designed implant in the form of cheekbone is placed here.
5- Mid-face lift and suspension: This method is preferred for deformities due to aging and sagging of the face. Dangling skin tissue hangs up and cheekbones become prominent