I do breast examination, USG or mammography before surgery. And if there are risk factors, I send the resulting breast tissue to pathology. Ask your doctor. As with any surgery, do not drink aspirin 1 week ago.
If you smoke, stop or reduce it 2 weeks in advance.
Breast lift surgeries are two types;
1- Breast lifting with your own tissue
2- Breast lift made with silicone


1- You will have a pre-interview with your doctor. The desired breast size and the appropriate breast size for your body will be the subject of the interview. You will decide which breast surgery technique is right for you.
2- And your surgery day will be determined. You should be particularly advised not to take aspirin for 1 week before surgery.
3- You will be informed that you will come to the hospital on an empty stomach in the morning of the day you will have surgery. Your blood tests, breast USG or mammography tests will be performed and the anesthesiologist will see you.
4- After your tests, your doctor will come and make your drawings and take your photo. Our aim in taking your photo; Before and after surgery to compare and show your images in no way without your permission to show to any patient and not published on the website. You will be taken into operation for approximately 2-3 hours after drawing and photographing.
5- After the operation you will stay in the hospital for 1 night and your doctor will come to see you and discharge you in the morning. There will be an unexplained dressing on your breast. Your antibiotics and painkillers will be prescribed.
6- Will the most frequently asked question after surgery be a lot of pain? Postoperative pain relief medications are enough to eliminate your pain. Breast surgery is no longer painful because of the developing techniques. It is not an operation that requires you to lie down for days. Although the pain threshold is completely a problem for the person, your pain will decrease within two to three days.
7- You will use the sports bras for 1 month after the operation.
8- Within one month, your edema will gradually decrease and within 6 months your chest will take its real shape and your marks will decrease.
9- We will call you to dress once in 3-4 days after the operation. Your stitches will melt automatically. Bathing will be decided during the first dressing.
10- Your doctor will allow you to start sports within 1-2 months of follow-up.