A full, perkier and appropriately sized breast is one of the most important elements of female beauty. Whether the breasts are smaller or larger than desired or sagging, structurally or due to developmental factors it may cause psychological problems that decrease the quality of life of the person. Having beautiful and shaped breasts is undoubtedly something that many women desire. For this reason, many women now prefer breast surgery.

What are Breast Aesthetic Operations?

Breast aesthetic operations aim to eliminate unwanted changes and form disorders in the breast tissue and restore the breasts to the desired form. Losing the shape of the breast tissue can sometimes lead to enlargement of the nipple. In this case, the nipple dimensions are also reduced during the operation. New generation breast prostheses offer a wide range of solutions with different volumes, sizes and shapes.

Breast Augmentation Operations
In breast augmentation operations, the volume of the breasts is increased by means of silicone breast prostheses. Breast augmentation operations are the fastest increasing aesthetic operations all over the world.

Whom is it applied?
The operation is realized for more symmetrical, bulkier and perkier breasts for the patients who:
have small breasts from puberty
lose weight after pregnancy or in serious amounts,
lost their breasts as a result of breast cancer,
have no breast, small or asymmetric congenital diseases,
are uncomfortable with breast size and want to have larger breasts

Women may breastfeed after breast augmentation operation?
This question is one of the most important questions for women. Many young women who are not mothers are therefore reluctant to undergo breast augmentation. However, research has shown that the applied prosthesis does not prevent breastfeeding.

Breast Lift Operations
It is a surgical procedure for restoring sagging breasts to an upright position. In Breast (breast) lifting operations; the nipples are moved to where they should be, the breast tissue is shaped and the excess skin is removed.

Breast Reduction Operations
Large breasts lose shape and sag due to the effect of gravity. As the underside of the breasts are constantly sweaty and airless, they become irritated and skin problems occur. The purpose of breast reduction operations is to reduce the breasts proportionally to the body.

Breast Repair After Cancer
Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women after skin cancers. Breast loss affects patients physically, socially and spiritually. Breast repairs, on the other hand, improve the quality of life and provide healing both spiritually and physically. Breast repairs are now accepted as part of breast cancer treatment worldwide.