Armpit CT-X is one of the most preferred methods for the treatment of excessive sweating. BT-X applications are applied to areas with excessive sweating. Armpit, palm, footrest, scalp are among the most frequently used areas of this application. With BT-X applications, the operation of over-working sweat glands is reduced. Excessive sweating negatively affects a person’s social life. Therefore, satisfaction is very high after Botulinum Toxin application.

Armpit CT-X applications are performed in clinical setting. It is a process of 15-20 minutes. The effect starts after 10 days. The effect of BT-X applications lasts an average of 6-12 months. And the most curious question; If sweating is reduced, is there no harm to the body? With BT-X applications, perspiration is reduced regionally, not destroyed, and perspiration continues in other parts of the body.

While sweating is a normal process in the human body, excessive sweating brings along enormous problems. Excessive work of sweat glands due to the person’s daily life has some disruptions. The choice of clothing poses many barriers to social life. Excessive sweating is a problem in 1% of the population. Excessive sweating can be seen in the palms, soles, armpits and less in the face, groin, scalp and coccyx.

The most important causes of excessive sweating are stress, diabetes, various stimulant drugs, thyroid gland overload, adrenal gland diseases, menopause, hypoglycemia, obesity, hormones are.

People especially complain of excessive armpit sweating. Excessive sweating may cause traces in clothes, cause a wet look, and smell bad and may disturb both the person and the people around him. Botulinum Toxin under the armpit in such people reduces sweating considerably. Some people may experience excessive sweating on the palms and soles. In cases where this problem is psychological and social and a problem, CT-X treatment can be applied.

In cases where CT-X applications do not benefit, operations such as clipping and laser burning can be tried. Because, on rare occasions, we may encounter people who do not benefit from BT-X applications.

What are the reasons for excessive sweating?

The most important causes of excessive sweating are stress, diabetes, various stimulant drugs, thyroid gland overload, diseases of the adrenal gland, menopause, hypoglycemia, obesity, and hormones.

What is BT-X Application?

Botulinum Toxin is a Botulinum toxin (a protein produced by the “Clostridium Botulinum bacteria”). It was approved by the FDA in 1989 for clinical use. There are Botulinum Type A (BTX-A) and Type B (BTX-B) forms. BTX-A is used for excessive sweating. Intradermal injection is applied.

How to prevent armpit sweating?

Armpit sweat is necessary for the expulsion of toxins accumulated in the body and is seen in every human being. Bad and irritating odors caused by sweating are the odors that occur as a result of bacterial activity. It is not easy to prevent excessive armpit sweating. In some people, sweating under the arm is not possible without treatment, although it decreases after 40 years of age. A number of examinations should be performed and the cause of excessive sweating diagnosed. The most suitable medical and surgical methods are preferred and applied.